Tour of The South Valley of Cusco: Tipon Pikillaqta, and Andahuaylillas

Half day

Cusco, Valle sur

The Tour of The South Valley of Cusco, as well as our Sacred Valley tour, is a very popular tour located south of Cusco along the route from Cusco to Puno. On this tour, we will learn about a beautiful valley in which you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, important archeological centers from both the pre-Incan and Incan eras, and a see grandiose colonial church. All of these spectacular sites make The South Valley an attractive tourist must-see of Cusco. You should not wait to explore this wondrous area.

Itinerary of The South Valley Tour:

We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at 08:15am; starting at this time, we will be able to visit all of the following places:

Guided Tour to Tipón:

Tipón is an archeological park; here you can appreciate the advanced hydraulic engineering knowledge which the Incas managed to construct.

This is a grand area, with impressive cultivation of natural resources, which contains 12 terraces that are tiled and used to irrigate the water that comes from the mountains. The water goes through the tiled canals constructed by the Incan engineers, and even to this day, they are used for farming.

More impressive yet is the irrigation system that is still being used for agriculture. Water is taken in at a special spring station, and then is dispersed around to the expertly crafted terraces.

Tour of Pikillaqta:

Pikillaqta is a location with characteristics that indicate it used to be a grand urban center, which was destroyed by the Wari Empire. With more than a thousand constructions, from plazas, colcas (fuel deposits), courts, houses, temples, to noticeable diversity in the structures of its streets, and buildings that used to be two stories high, this city is truly remarkable.

Church of the Andahuaylillas “The Sistine Chapel of America”:

After finishing the guided tour of Pikillaqta, we will travel to Andahuaylillas, a place where you can find the famous Sistine Chapel of America.

Andahuaylillas welcomes us with its beautiful plaza, surrounded by beautiful pisonay trees, where peculiar birds like the Lorito live. Walk around the plaza long enough, and you’ll be able to hear their odd chatter-like bird calls of these Loritos.

The Plaza of Andahuaylillas helps bring out the grandeur of the colonial-era Catholic Church, which is ornately and beautifully decorated. Inside, you can find the iconic mural painting, completed between the years XVII and XVIII, which makes this church be known as “The Sistine Chapel of America.” This name is also due to the immense value of the decorations of the altar, and altarpieces, all of which are gilt in gold.

What stands out most inside the church is the vast number of mural paintings that represent bible passages, like the one of judgement day, in which angels and demons appear, and the damned are pictured having to pay for their sins in hell.

On our return back to Cusco, we will pass by Saylla, a typical Cusqueñan town, where you will be able to enjoy some delicious chicharron, a traditional Peruvian pork dish. (optional)

Our trip ends around 14:30pm, when we return to Cusco City.

The South Valley Tour Includes:

  • Official tour guide
  • Tourist transportation
  • Entry tickets for all mentioned attractions

The South Valley Tour Doesn’t Include:

  • Food
  • Personal expenses
  • Special deals

We Recommend You Bring:

  • A small backpack
  • Snacks
  • A bottle of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A camera

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