Ica Paracas Nazca Peru

A beautiful, esoteric land, with a history of deep faith and religion, sand dunes, valleys, and sun, Ica is an agricultural area known for the excellence of its cotton and diverse vineyards, as well as its majestic colorful deserts. This area is where some of the most important civilizations of ancient Peru were developed, like Paracas, and Nazca.

The Paracas National Reserve

The Paracas National Reserve is natural, beachy, rocky area, where wolves, penguins, dolphins, otters, and over two hundred other species live, including birds like flamingos, migratory shore birds, and guaneras. You can visit the the Ballestas and San Gallán Islands by boat. On the trip, you’ll appreciate a candelabra figure, sitting upon the side of a hill.

About 100 kilometers from the city, you’ll find the center of the Nazca Culture, which is known for its admirable advancements and knowledge of hydraulic engineering. The city possesses impressively-constructed aqueducts, and underground, reinforced canals with walls of stone and guarango roofs.

Lines of Nazca

One of the most impressive archeological enigmas of the world is the Lines of Nazca, a series of ginormous lines and drawings of spiders, hummingbirds, and monkeys, which can be best seen flying above the area. Flying above the Pampas de Nazca in an airplane is an unforgettable experience, that will let you truly absorb and appreciate the sheer magnitude of these one-of-a-kind lines.

You can’t forget to visit the alcohol factories where delicious piscos and wines of the highest quality are produced. Don’t miss also, the Huacachina Lagoon, a beautiful oasis just a few minutes from Ica, enclosed in sand dunes, and Chinca, where the unique Negra Music of Peru originated.

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