Ballestas Islands and The Huacachina Oasis (Full Day)

Full day

Ica, Paracas, Huacachina Lagoon

Inka Express Travel offers you the chance to enjoy the most beautiful deserts of Peru in just one day. Travel with us and experience the adventure of discovering shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Tour the Ballestas Islands and the Huacachina Lagoon

Early in the morning we’ll pick you up from your hotel in Lima, and drive you to Paracas Bay, where you’ll board a boat and set off for the Ballestas Islands.

During the trip, you’ll observe the mysterious Candelabra figure, which looks like a skirt on a hill on a side of a hill. The year of origin of the candelabra is still unknown.

You’ll be able to appreciate the biodiversity of this beautiful location, the Ballestas Islands, which is home to thousands of marine birds, seals, dolphins and the picturesque Humboldt penguins. The seals have a peculiar attitude, often sitting out in the sun, resting on the shores of the islands, and playing with each other inside and outside the water.

After completing our boat ride, we’ll return to solid ground, a journey that will take approximately half an hour. Once we arrive at the pier, we’ll have a short, half-hour recess where you can enjoy a drink on the bay, go to the small artisanal market of the area, or take a nice stroll on the beach.

After your free time, we’ll continue our trip south, and visit Ica city, with its traditional Pisco stores, and the famous oasis called Huacachina. This place is where you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious lunch, and a spectacular view.

Once lunch is finished, we’ll begin our exploration of the marvelous sand dunes in a dune-buggy, exploring this beautiful landscape that wraps around the grand oasis of Ica. Crossing beautiful panoramic deserts with beautiful sand formations, we’ll even be able to practice a very safe form of sandboarding for a bit in the middle of the desert. Finally, we’ll board our vehicle and return to your hotel in Lima city.

This Tour Includes:

  • Shared tourist transportation
  • Shared, guided tours

This Tour Doesn’t Include:

  • Entry ticket to the Paracas National Reserve
  • Food

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